A brief introduction…

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

So here it is, my most recent foray into the world of blogging.

Once upon a time blogging was a fairly frequent past time of mine back in the hazy days when myspazz was all the rage and I was still playing bass.

Having removed myself from the myriad social networks out there and finding myself becoming more and more attached to technology as time has passed I find myself here.

So… a quick intro for those that don’t know me. I’m pushing 30, my rock and roll days are fading into a distant memory and I spend most of my free time now playing computer games. Yup, computer games. The much maligned art form has taken over a considerable chunk of my life where previously it had been little but a hobby to whittle away a few hours between more important things happening.

I have the best of intentions of using this blog to talk about life in general and my place in it. I’ll probably also be posting extensively on the media, music and of course, gaming.

I should point out that since February I have become addicted to the electronic crack that is World of Warcraft and I won’t be entirely surprised if that is what makes up most of the content.

In keeping with the old myspazz blog pages I will probably try and attach a little bit on the end about what I’m enjoying watching, reading or listening to at the time as well.

I guess this about wraps up this introductory post. I’m off now to poke wordpress and see if I can get to grips with the tools I have available.

Till next time pimps.


Watching: Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe. Available on bbc iplayer
Listening: Sea Sew, Lisa Hannigan
Playing: Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box


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