A proper opportunity for a catch up

Posted: December 2, 2009 in WoW

Since my post last week on the new direction that the blog is taking and the increasingly WoW related nature of the blog I had intended on grabbing a load of screen shots and making a nice post about my all my WoW related antics. Obviously that didn’t happen. Why? Well I was too damn busy playing that’s why.

Now it’s been October since my last post proper and Azeroth was busy celebrating Hallows End. Now I managed to gain my Meta chieve and the Hallowed title but came away without the mount. The truth is I was lucky to get the Hallowed chieve in the end. Even with the dailys and 5 chances at the boss a day, trying to get the pet and the helm was difficult. This was caused mostly by neither the pet or the Helm being a Unique inventory item which meant on more than one occasion our group got hit by a smart arse Ninja who would then try and sell it on. I’d be more bitter about it had I not made the achievement in the end but ho-hum.

Following Hallows end it seemed like a good time to set myself some proper goals for my main character.

Here are the tasks I set myself;

1. Get myself out of the blues and into ilvl 200 gear.
2. Get to Exalted with Wyrmrest Accord
3. Get to Exalted with Sons Of Hodir
4. Make a proper start at the Argent Tournament dailies
5. Make a point of running instances regularly

So, how did I do?

1. Done. Not only that but I’ve now started to work my way towards my Epic title. In fact when I get online today I’m off to buy myself a nice new leg slot piece for 48 Emblems Of Conquest
2. Well, I finally got my Red Drake from Wyrmrest. That was my number one priority when I started my list, it seemed like everyone had a drake but me and god how I envied those people.
3. I can now buy a decent shoulder slot enchant thanks to the Sons of Hodir who also conveniently sold me my first Mammoth mount. Love the Mammoth mounts but I still find I spend most of my time on my Polar Bear.
4. Make a start I said. I achieved my Crusader title and my Argent Champion title. I’m now farming the dailies for ten Champions Seals a day and have managed to make a great start on kitting out my alts in lots of nice Heirloom gear. I also used a fair few seals to get myself the last remaining mounts for my 50 mount chieve. Not content with just my Red Drake I am now the proud owner of the Albino Drake. Timed CoS run anyone?
5. Probably still not running content as often as I’d like. I’ve been regularly missing the daily hc quest but have been spending quite a lot of time doing the ToC hc run. I actually bit the bullet at the weekend and got myself involved in an Onyxia 25 man group with my GM. Way to pop my 25 man raid cherry. We wiped hard but I can say with confidence this was through no fault of mine.

So yeah it’s been pretty productive as WoW goes. In fact so productive that this has wound up being a rather long winded post.

Patch 3.3 is looming ever closer on the horizon and with it a load of new gear and new challenges. Our small guild has started to increase in numbers and we are all leveling our alts like crazy to try and bring some much needed diversity to our line up.

Well it’s now just passed 10am UK time which should mean the servers are back up and running. Time for me to get back to the game.

Ciao for now pimps


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