Things I’ve learned from LFG

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Gaming, MMO, Roleplaying, Warcraft, WoW

The new LFG tool in 3.3 has helped me learn a lot about my class and has fundamentally changed the way I play WoW.

This week I’m looking at the things I’ve been learning in the new LFG

I should quantify that opening statement by explaining that I’ve only been playing WoW since late January of this year and that WoW is my first ever MMO. I’ve had a fairly steep learning curve getting my first toon to 80 and learning my class while trying to understand how the other classes work with me has been a real eye opener.

Until recently I thought I was fairly down with the hunter class and that as a MM hunter I was giving my all to the group, until the new LFG tool came along.

During a number of encounters in the early stages I muddled a long just fine. I was fairly used to running heroics with my guild and friends and I had the basics of my class down and I was watching my DPS increase gradually as I upgraded my gear and started to get my enchants in place. I even managed to get my first two 10 man raids under my belt in the form of Ony and ToC. The raids were a great experience but I wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

I’ve had to totally rebuild my UI, learn how to use traps and run CC, really get to grips with Misdirect and I’m finally starting to see numbers on recount that I thought were mythical when I first started. I think I’m really starting to learn my class and I’m now looking to getting involved with some casual raids to see how much further I can expand my game.

I have a feeling that I’ll never stop learning new things and with every patch that comes and an expansion looming on the horizon I’ll have to relearn things that at the moment I take for granted. I think the day I tell myself that I’m not learning anything is the day I’m not trying to play my class at it’s peak.

Anyone else feel like the new LFG has helped them explore a class a little better be it main or alt?

I’ll leave it that, ciao for now pimps.


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