n00b tanking as a level 80 DK

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Gaming, MMO, Warcraft, WoW

Hey folks, I’ve been on an extended leave of absence from the blog over Christmas and New Year partly due to spending time with family and friends and partly because my first week back at work was crazy busy. So returning a little later than planned here is this weeks Weekly Maintenance.

This week I’m looking at my newest level 80, a Death Knight for Tanking with.

While I’ve been continuing to gear the hunter I started to feel like I was stuck in a bit of a loop running the same dungeons again and again and still never getting to see the Orca Hunter’s Harpoon or the Battered Hilt. So I’m currently stuck dual wielding daggers and creeping ever closer to 4k dps.

I know I should keep grinding out my frost badges but it’s not just me who’s felt a little stuck in a rut. I came back to the game from my Christmas exile to find our guild roster had expanded slightly and one of our junior members* had suggested we start a raid night. So it’s full steam ahead now as we are gearing alts up and recruiting new members to see if a once a week raid night can spice things up.

In the mean time i moved back to leveling some alts. If you’ve seen my flickr page you’ll have seen Wulfric, my Gnome lock, I’ve bounced him up a few levels now and finally got him the heirloom staff from the champions seals. I love playing a lock and I’m looking forward to getting him to 80 and in to end game but in the mean time I needed something different than dps to keep me occupied. This is where I finally get on topic…

Like most WoW players, I’m sure, when I got the opportunity to roll a Death Knight I did. She rumbled along fairly peaceably until I hit the horrendous stumbling block that was leveling 65-68 in Outland, it seemed to be taking forever with no real tangible reward. I wasn’t learning the class, my spec was a shambles and I lost a lot of interest. Being a bit of an alt-o-holic though I soon found myself slogging through the last few levels and into Northrend on will and a lot of rest xp.

I finally bounced her through to 80 two nights ago with some help form my guild and the suggestion that it would be a good idea if I learned what tanking was all about. I don’t know the first thing about tanking so I have been trying my hardest to soak up as much of the theory craft behind it as humanly possible while scouring loot tables and builds. I settled on what looked like a solid 2h Frost build which on further inspection need some tweaks to improve. Hoping that I’ll get my first run through some of the Northrend dungeons tonight with some guildies to try it out, with the right team behind me I’ll be able to pick up the basics fairly quick and who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy tanking so much I’ll be rolling a Worgen Prot Warrior come the Cataclysm instead of my planned Mage or Priest. Only time will tell.

If anyone has any suggestions and links for websites related to DK’s and/or tanking please post them in the comments. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to my armoury profile, I’ll apologise in advance for the Arthas like name that I know will likely offend rp’ers, I even contacted a GM myself some time ago regarding a possible breach in the ToS regarding naming but the GM insisted he quite liked the name. I am actively considering a name change but in the mean time here’s Zarthras

Time to call an end to a rather substantial post, ciao for now pimps. Once more unto the breach.

*I say junior member purely for the fact that it is an alt character he has signed up to our guild following his move away from progression raiding with his mains guild. A guild, I should add, that we have a fairly strong bond with, including and not limited to us borrowing the first team healer fairly frequently.

***UPDATE*** Ran my first two instances last night, Utgarde Keep followed by a heroic run of Violet Hold. It all went reasonably well even if it felt a little scrappy from my point of you. Still managed to one shot VH though which was a pretty good achievment for my second time out as a tank. I guess it’s all about practice from here on in and some solid gearing up. Still grateful for all advice.


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