Becoming a raiding guild officer

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Gaming, MMO, Warcraft, WoW

It’s that time again folks. Wednesday morning here in the UK and the servers will be down until 10am.

Anyone familiar with the blog or even having had a look at the blog title will be aware that I like to fill that gap in play time with a quick recap of my week in WoW and my general musings on where I’m at as a player.

This week I’ll be discussing finding my feet as a guild officer and some news regarding my latest foray into raiding.

This week has been pretty eventful as far as WoW goes. For the first time since becoming an officer for The Belonging Kind (bronzebeard-eu, alliance) I’ve actually had to act like an officer. Following our recent expansion and the ever elusive new recruits that fit the guild, the officers had to knock heads and decide where we were aiming from here. Were we gunning for a 25 man team? Were we looking for a rotating ten man roster? How would this affect the feel of the guild and more importantly our enjoyment of the game? We’ve settled on a slow and steady expansion. It’s clear we need more players but not at the expense of having a guild that feels like playing with friends rather than a chore.

I spent some time on Be Imba! this week carrying out a guild audit on our team of 80’s. It was interesting to see what the curve looked like from the top geared players down, also very interesting to see what kind of gear, gem and enchant issues people were having. I’m not going to be criticising any of our team for having the wrong enchant on a bit of kit, nor am I going to be chastising any players for under-gemming items but it gave me a good look at what I could do as an officer to give them pointers, get some enchants on a vellum for them and point them in the direction of our resident JC. Any help I can give to one player will have returns for the group as a whole.

Having had very little experience of raiding and only now approaching the end of my first year in WoW actually being a guild officer in more than just name looks set to be a rewarding experience.

In other news: Having completed our first ever Naxx run last week this week is was the turn of The Onyx Guardian to feel the might of The Belonging Kind. It was an eventful run, we decided to leave one drake up for the fight and trying to expand our current team with a number of PuG raid members proved to be taxing on the patience. It became apparent that to pull it off three tanks would be a serious requirement and trying to find a tank as the night wore on was looking less and less likely. In our GM’s ultimate wisdom he asked if I wouldn’t mind switching characters and bringing Zarthras. So with only 2 normal dungeons and a single heroic run under her belt Zarthras now has the honour of having downed Sartharion with 1 drake still alive and a nice shiny cape to prove it.

Ciao for now pimps.


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