Posted: January 27, 2010 in Gaming, MMO, Warcraft, WoW

…huh, what is it good for?

Yup that’s right, diving straight to a cliche this morning and paraphrasing the lyrics to “War” a song made infamous by Edwin Starr. While I had the best of intentions of coming on and bitching about the irony of the patch 3.3 random LFG title “The Patient”, discussing our failed attempt at semi pugging the Eye Of Eternity and grumbling about how much of a pain in the ass it is trying to gear my dk tank, Rawr was brought to my attention. So without any further digressions I return to the opening question.

This will probably be an overly simple post as I’ve only been playing with Rawr for a little over an hour. Procrastination has been, as ever, my downfall as the realms are back up and I should really be farming my ass off to level blacksmithing, another major bug bear atm but saved for another post.

So what is Rawr? It’s a programme designed for inspecting gear and checking stats. On the surface it really is that simple. I plugged in the details of Nifan in to it and a short time later it brings up my stats. my currently equipped gear and so many lists and tabs that initially it’s quite daunting. After a quick poke about at the tabs I found I can set my rotation as a list of priorities and switch about as it pleases me, I can swap glyphs in and out, toggle buffs on and off and generally get a feel for what my expected dps is. On the right of the screen is a series of drop down menus I can use to check each equipment slot and what dps it will give as an increase or decrease to both myself and my pet. Now as a straight up dps class it’s been pretty easy to take in all the numbers and look at possible upgrades. I’m now off to plug the tank in to it and see what it looks like.

If your a min/max type of player you are probably familiar with having spreadsheets about and are no doubt familiar with Rawr as well but, hey, I’m new to the party here. This is little more than a first impression so if anyone reads this and would like to toss in some info about it please do. All advice gratefully received.

Ciao for now pimps, I’m heading back to farm some adamantium *sigh*


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