I don’t feel the sun’s coming out today…

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Times have changed folks. Once upon a time this blog was a vehicle for me documenting the obscene amount of time I dedicated to World of Warcraft. I slipped away from playing WoW sometime ago. I went on holiday and drifted. Then the shit hit the fan…

My life has changed considerably. I’m back in my home town now, living alone and I’m not gaming the same way I used to. I always blogged regularly. Usually about any such shit that popped into my mind and I guess it’s time to get back to that. 

I’ll break this up into a series of posts. Make it a little more manageable for me and anyone who winds up here by accident. This should also let me shove the old posts into the archive a little quicker while I set about changing the layout and images on the site when I finally sit at a pc.

Here goes…


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