Mobile operating systems, why can’t we share?

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Mobile, Technology
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It’s shaping up to be a bizarre week. On a train back from the Edinburgh Fringe last week I took a tumble when the train decided to slow down somewhat quicker than my legs could anticipate. If you have ever landed firmly on your coccyx then you will appreciate the current level of discomfort I am facing. I like to slouch around with my mobile gadgets, sadly that is not on the cards. In this post I’d like to talk about the issues surrounding running multiple operating systems and in particular the inability easily share data.

Mobile Operating Systems

You will all no doubt be familiar with the plethora of operating systems out there. Those less inclined to the tech geek bit will be as well even if you aren’t overly familiar with the term operating systems.

I’m sat here rattling away on an onscreen keyboard on my HP Touchpad. I was fortunate enough to pick one up at the heavily discounted fire sale price just two weeks ago and… I love it. Don’t get me wrong it’s not without it’s flaws but then what bit of tech isn’t? The os in question here is WebOS, it is a thing of wonder to work with. Every motion feels fluid and the multi-tasking is unsurpassed but… confession time.

I bought this cheap hoping to port android to it at some stage. For the money it was a cracking bit of equipment which was I thought probably going to be in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. Android I suppose is my main mobile os. Its currently running away on my HTC Desire and most of my issues with that are hardware based rather than software.

My phone has the latest Cyangogenmod custom Rom running on it and it’s chock full of apps that I use for my daily social networking and communication. Not a lot of games on there, primarily because as my main and only always connected device I don’t want to be constantly worrying about where my next charge is coming from.

Sitting happily along side this in my pocket is a 4th gen ipod touch. 64gb of space almost crammed to bursting with music and games. I know fine and well if I want to be checking out the latest apps then it’s an apple device I need in my hand. What it’s lacking of course is customisation. Sure I can slap a wallpaper on there but without jailbreaking it I’m stuck with whatever apple gave me.

Now I know that on a technicality I’ve “jailbroken” my android but within the android eco system it’s practically encouraged. Apple on the other hand tend to frown upon these things.

Each has its own merits and its own little nuances. Each exists very much inside its own eco system and here is where I have issues… They just won’t talk to each other. All three devices sitting side by side on my network and not once will they acknowledge each others presence. 

I’ve been slowly trying to find a work around for this. As much for myself as for friends. Back in the good old days of mobile phones you could connect via Bluetooth and send almost anything. Not these days. 

Pictures are the example I’m working with here. And yeah sure I could be emailing pics back and forth between my devices but it almost always feels clumsy and awkward. 

Up steps Hoccer. It’s an app available for both android and ios and with some nice gesture controls, I can sling photos and text between multiple devices. It’s an app I’m sure most of the tech aficionados know well but it’s not really grabbing the general public in the same way. It’s definitely the one app I’ll mention more often than not and having introduced my friends to it its become easier to share pics on the fly than ever before.

After a bit if trial and error today I finally got this working on my touchpad. Sure there is no native app in there but the web client works just fine. Even if it does require a bit of a poke to get moving.

Touchpad owners can visit and start slinging pics to your touchpad wirelessly. The most important thing to note is that if you want to be saving the pics once you have the webapp open and running you’ll be wanting to look for the link on the bottom to Hoccer Wall. Once there you can sling or slide the pic from your mobile device and watch it appear on the touchpad. Tap the pick to bring up the menu and save to device. You will need to reload the wall after every pic but as a workarounds go at the moment it’s the best I’ve got.

If anyone else has any better suggestions please, feel free to share.


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