Here I go again

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Bonus points to anyone who has the right song stuck in there head now.

I’ve covered how I like to start things. The large gaps attest to how little I actually finish or stick to.

It’s been a massively shite year so far. I’ve been battling debt, depression, work. I’m sick of it.

I’m on the cusp of getting it back together.

Now… If I can get to the cusp of getting my shit together I’ll be laughing.

  1. Gills says:


    I’ve just read the four Barry Ween books you gave me for Xmas years ago for the first time in ages (I gave you a box of retro sugar and a long coveted recording of some concert by Pearl Jam, I think). Anyway, I thought I’d gave you a quick google because I remembered you were always enthusiastic about online communication when we worked together.

    As I don’t really get twitter, I was pleased to discover your blog but saddened by this post. I’m sorry that you’ve had a difficult year (me too – similar reasons so I don’t want to give you the standard patronising platitudes). I guess I’ll just offer encouragement to write for the hell of it. Not just because doing so helped me but because you’re bloody good at it.

    I’m tired so I’ll wrap up now before I start spouting utter gibberish. Look after you and try to be a bit kinder to yourself please.

    Gills x

    • Cmidrfti says:

      Hey Gills. So good to hear from you. You’ll find me most places on the net as Cmidrfti. Gimme an email Would be great to get back in touch.

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