It’s been a while

Posted: September 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Fuck any of you who have Staind in there heads now. The rest of you… hahahaha you now have Staind stuck in your head or you had to google that reference. You’re all fucked anyhow.

I keep promising myself things. Things I probably don’t deserve… then I go away, repeat everything I’ve done in the past and then come back a year later and wonder how I managed to make it worse.

You know how… cos I’m easily distracted. The things I know I should be doing I don’t do often enough and the things I want to do… I don’t do often enough either so I find easy ways to indulge in things that are easy.

I live a life fuelled by distraction.

I have no concept of balance.

This is a thing I do…

Maybe this year I will try and be better.


See you all next year for my excuse about how I made it worse.

Take it easy,



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