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Inspiration Vs…

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Technology, Writing
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A phone call with my mother took a turn toward artistic endeavours the other day. We never really discuss our artistic pursuits. They lie in different areas and well… we’ve both lapsed. The conversation was cut short as most mobile phone calls tend to be but it got me thinking. We both agreed that we had been inspired once, that we had felt a creative spark, all past tense. So what had happened? What had kept us from letting out that creativity?

I can’t speak for my mother of course but I got a little introspective. I started to mull over the last time I’d been really inspired to write something. It was back when I’d been playing in a band. Sure I’d had ideas since then, but nothing that I ever fully realised and certainly never committed to paper. Ah ha… I thought… paper…



It’s shaping up to be a bizarre week. On a train back from the Edinburgh Fringe last week I took a tumble when the train decided to slow down somewhat quicker than my legs could anticipate. If you have ever landed firmly on your coccyx then you will appreciate the current level of discomfort I am facing. I like to slouch around with my mobile gadgets, sadly that is not on the cards. In this post I’d like to talk about the issues surrounding running multiple operating systems and in particular the inability easily share data.